I was wrong.

That phrase is the reason I started this blog.  It’s not an easy thing to admit when you’re wrong and that’s a shame because that’s the easiest way to learn new things.

What was i wrong about?

For a long time if you asked me what the problem with this country (or most countries for that matter) was, I’d tell you it was the people. That they didn’t care enough and weren’t willing to put in the effort needed to improve a country. The common attitude that it was a politicians fault somewhere was simply an excuse not to do anything

Here’s the problem with that:

It idealistic. It’s the “damn ordinary people getting in the way of my perfect ideals” syndrome. The truth is that people have lives. While those lives may be affected by these issues their more immediate concerns and even distractions will almost always win out unless the crisis is imminent. This is normal. It’s been going on for centuries and it’s unlikely to change.

Pointing out that people aren’t doing anything and so nothing is changing is also doing nothing ‘because it’s someone else’s fault’. It’s kind of a self-righteous version of what you’re condemning.

I wrestled with this realization for a while and went looking for answers. Here’s what I found. The problems this country faces are well documented. Not just in academia. Look into Twitter, blogs, Facebook…we’re all complaining about the same things. The issue is our solutions – we don’t have very many. Most of us are pointing out the issues and going “somebody should do something about that”. But what is that something? And who is that somebody?

Here’s what I’m proposing.

1.  I’ll put together a list of the best writers and thinkers I know. They will point out problems and possible solutions. When we can we’ll consult experts on the matter. This will all be done with the knowledge that we could be wrong. Agree? Tell us. Disagree? Tell us. And tell us why. That’s the only way we can perfect ideas. The most plausible and well thought out of these solutions will be presented to whatever politician or office is concerned. It’s one thing to complain while doing nothing but if you complain after you’ve presented a solution and it’s been ignored…that’s another case entirely.

2. Sometimes it’s easy for important things to pass you by. You find you’re complaining about a bill you hate when it’s already passed. New things are happening in your county that could have helped you if you only knew. We’ll try and have this information and if you know something don’t hesitate to tell us.

3. This isn’t just about politics. We will be looking for ideas. New business start-ups that’s not really part of the ordinary? We’ll cover that and spread the word. Any initiatives you know that could be helpful? Tell us. We’ll cover that too. We’ll put research into potential opportunities that could concern you. Literature. Music. Art. We’ll give it a platform.

4. This site will be a melting pot of things. News. Opinion pieces. Interviews. Short fiction. Art. And pretty much anything that get’s the point across.

With all that said there are a few things I feel I should point out.

  • As a blog, we might not all agree on the same issues so you’ll get several takes on the same topic and that’s a good thing.
  • We don’t exist to endorse or condemn people but if we think something is wrong we won’t hesitate to be controversial and call people out if need be.
  • On that note, we’re also not obligated to be nice or accepting of every opinion.
  • We don’t have secret agenda. If you assign us one we really don’t have to account for the positions of the fictitious version of us you just made up.

Now if what I’ve said resonates with you, welcome.

Kevin Rigathi is a software developer (that’s what they actually pay him to do), a writer (that’s what he hopes a mysterious they will pay him for) and an artist (that’s what even more mysterious theys occasionally pay him for). Basically, he is a guy who sits in front a computer and creates things.
He has written for storymoja, penned the article “What Crazy Looks Like” in the second brainstorm.co.ke ebook and is a writer at, and the co-creator of, willthisbeaproblem.com.
His catchphrase is “how the hell did I get myself into this!?”