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This is a guideline as to the kind of thing that is likely to get your comment sent off to our Deleted Comments section.

  1. We are not a government. That means we do not owe you the right to free speech without consequences on spaces we control, such as this one. You are free respond to our articles but we are not obligated to keep your responses if they are a hindrance to the debate.
  1. We will not completely delete your comments. They will be available unedited on this site, on our Deleted Comments page, where they can do less damage. The grounds for their deletion will also be put up. Feel free to contest the case in that comment section. You’re free to do that with no hope of deletion.
  1. If you do not know the basics of a debate, you will get deleted. Period. If you do not know where say Nicaragua is on the map, and you know nothing but what you’ve seen in films, you are not qualified to have an in depth debate about it. If you think Africans generally live in trees then you are not qualified to enter a debate on housing conditions in African countries. Same goes here. If you display that you lack basic knowledge of the matter at hand, your comment will get deleted EVEN IF YOU ARE AGREEING WITH US. Dealing with people who we have to teach what they’re arguing about is not something we will do. You can ask questions. You can engage in the parts you are familiar with. But if you don’t know what’s being talked about, please learn at least a little or we will not let you join the main debate here.
  1. If you try derail the topic by talking about things that aren’t relevant you may get deleted. It depends on degree. You may get a warning first or a straight up deletion.
  1. Tribalism. Sexism. Racism. And anything like that will also earn you a deletion.
  1. This is all done at our discretion. Our view of the matter. This is our blog, we can do that. You don’t have to like it. You can contest it here or elsewhere.

If there is a debate we would rather it be a healthy one. Agreeing with us or being right is beside the point. Know what you’re talking about? Staying on topic? Not being tribalist, sexist, racist etc? Then you will probably not get deleted regardless of your stance.

Kevin Rigathi is a software developer (that’s what they actually pay him to do), a writer (that’s what he hopes a mysterious they will pay him for) and an artist (that’s what even more mysterious theys occasionally pay him for). Basically, he is a guy who sits in front a computer and creates things.
He has written for storymoja, penned the article “What Crazy Looks Like” in the second ebook and is a writer at, and the co-creator of,
His catchphrase is “how the hell did I get myself into this!?”