This anthology is entirely a work of fiction. The characters and occurrences are the world of the authors’ imaginations. They are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to actual persons or events, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Jemmiby Judyannette Muchiri Copyright © 2015 by Judyannette Muchiri

The Economy of Spoonsby Kevin Rigathi. Copyright © 2015 by Kevin Rigathi

The True Story of Banga/Tishi” by Michelle Angwenyi Copyright © 2015 by Michelle Angwenyi

Pinocchiaby Kena Muigai. Copyright © 2015 by Kena Muigai

The Doctor’s Trickby Sally Ireri & Kevin Rigathi. Copyright © 2015 by Sally Ireri & Kevin Rigathi

Old Man’s Clutterby Sabrina Najib. Copyright © 2015 by Sabrina Najib

Ms. Takesby Nanania. Copyright © 2015 by Nanania

Limbic Resonanceby Macushla. Copyright © 2015 by Macushla

Lost In The Starsby Andy Awiti. Copyright © 2015 by Andy Awiti

Between The Red Sea & The Gulf of Adenby K.G. Nderitu. Copyright © 2015 by K.G. Nderitu

A Fresh Startby Nadya Ngumi. Copyright © 2015 by Nadya Ngumi

Orange Needs More Than Blue by Sabrina Najib. Copyright © 2015 by Sabrina Najib

I Shot The Cheating Bastardby Peter Nena Copyright © 2015 by Peter Nena

Rhyme & Reason” by Melchizedek Muya Copyright © 2015 by Melchizedek Muya


Covert art by Kevin Rigathi. Copyright © 2015 by Kevin Rigathi


Kevin Rigathi is a software developer (that’s what they actually pay him to do), a writer (that’s what he hopes a mysterious they will pay him for) and an artist (that’s what even more mysterious theys occasionally pay him for). Basically, he is a guy who sits in front a computer and creates things.
He has written for storymoja, penned the article “What Crazy Looks Like” in the second ebook and is a writer at, and the co-creator of,
His catchphrase is “how the hell did I get myself into this!?”